Captain Data Review | Best Automatic Lead Generator | How to Grow Your Business

Captain Data is a no-code automation platform for data extraction and enrichment to automate processes like lead generation and CRM enrichment. This innovative tool is built for non-techies, so you don’t need to be a developer or growth hacker to benefit from the power of web data. You can choose from 100+ multi-tasking workflow templates, single-step automations, 20+ native integrations, and 25+ data sources from Google Maps to LinkedIn.

With Captain Data, you'll be able to seamlessly integrate with tools you already use like spreadsheets, CRMs, and social networks, thanks to API keys and native connectors. What is important, you can synchronize your accounts in one click and use them across different workflows to scale as you grow.

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best automatic lead generation

Main Features:

✅ Safely automate data extraction and enrichment from sources like LinkedIn and Google Maps

✅ Alternative to: Phantombuster

✅ Connect to your favorite tools and easily use no-code automation templates for lead generation

✅ Best for Digital agencies, sales and marketing teams, and solopreneurs looking to save time and scale processes with automation

✅ 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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