HexaFair Review | Best 3D Virtual Event Platform | How To Do Virtual Trade Show?

HexaFair is a 3D virtual event platform that provides you with all the tools to build a complete experience for conferences, fairs, exhibitions, and meetups. You can give participants an exciting 3D experience from the moment they arrive at the event until their very final session. When attendees first arrive, they enter the 3D lobby where you can welcome them with a help desk, video wall, and dedicated area for sponsors.

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best 3d virtual event platform

Main Features:

✅ Host virtual events, fairs, and exhibitions with live sessions and interactive 3D experiences

✅ Alternative to VFairs, meetyoo, and Hubilo

✅ Get participants involved with a 3D virtual lobby, conference room, exhibition hall, and booths

✅ Best for event and trade show organizers looking to increase engagement for their virtual events

✅ Lifetime access, one-time payment

✅ 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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