MyAlice Review | Best Ecommerce Customer Service Tool | How To Automate Ecommerce Website

MyAlice allows you build the ultimate ecommerce helpdesk by managing orders and personalizing customer service conversations across channels, all from one platform. Thanks to this solution, you can improve customer experience and increase sales. You can create, update, and refund orders in real-time, so you can offer quality customer service when your customers really need it most. Moreover, you are be able to support new purchase transactions and provide personal customer service simultaneously, without switching between applications.

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how to automate ecommerce website

Main Features:

✅ Manage customer support messages and ecommerce orders from one platform

✅ Alternative to Gorgias and FreshDesk

✅ Automate responses to customer queries and give your support agents useful data in real time

✅ Best for Ecommerce and retail websites that want to centralize their customer experience

✅ Lifetime access, one-time payment

✅ 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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