ShortPixel Review | How To Reduce Space On Google Drive

ShortPixel is a powerful solution that compresses PDFs and images in Google Drive to free up more space. With this software, you can quickly shrink all your drive files within a few clicks. Both images and PDFs in Google Drive are automatically downloaded and reuploaded as a smaller-sized version.

What is more, the appearance and quality of visual images won’t change. In fact, most photos can be compressed by upwards of 70% without visible loss in quality.

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how to reduce space on google space

Main Features:

✅ Optimize all your images and PDFs within a few clicks

✅ Alternative to Clean Drive

✅ Free up space on Google Drive in minutes without deleting any of your files

✅ Best for solopreneurs, photographers, content creators that need extra storage space

✅ Lifetime access, one-time payment

✅ 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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